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Performance Improvement

MacLennan Norman were brought into review why an organisation were under performing in one of their key areas.

Although income levels were reasonable profit margins were well below where they should be. Working with the Finance Director an analysis of the trading income was undertaken.

The analysis proved that not only were there too many senior managers […]

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Business Planning

Working with a large organisation a business strategy was designed with the intended outcome of reducing existing resource levels but still being able to achieve the projected outturns.

This involved designing new processes and procedures and a limited out sourcing of services.

A programme of all projects was designed that allowed the organisation to measure and manage […]

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We were approached by a charity to facilitate their Trustee Board Strategy Away Day. This involved MacLennan Norman holding preparatory sessions with the Chair and Chief Executive to get to know and understand the charity’s objectives and explore the desired outcomes for the day.

These discussions helped shape the priorities for the event and a suitable […]

Talent Management

A client was seeking support to recruit a number of new team members for their company. We were able to provide impartial advice to help senior management reach their conclusions on hiring based not only on having the best skill set to fill the current gaps but also the correct cultural fit for the organisation.

Culture Development

Our client approached us at a particularly challenging time for their organisation. The Chief Executive was keen to explore why the staff felt as disenfranchised as they did. We worked with the staff through a series of one to one interviews and engagement opportunities to unpack some of the reasons for the tensions and anxieties […]

Executive Coaching

Over a course of six to eight sessions two hour sessions we have seen amazing outcomes for people in not only reaching their goals but also enjoying an experience that has increased their self-awareness and positivity.

The coaching experience starts by applying a StrengthsFinder activity which explores the strengths that are unique to the individual rather […]

Change Management

Our client required specialist support to take them through a substantial change process involving the redesign of their organisational structure and people strategy. It was important to our client that throughout this change the day to day operational performance was not adversely affected.

We started by evaluating the current position of a number of their geographical […]