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Case Studies

Business Strategy


A hands on approach was required. Working with the senior executive team the underlying problems were identified and then broken down into a series of revised action plans to address each area. A strategy was drawn up that will see the business return to required levels of profitability.

This involves re-structuring, […]

Cost Reduction

This involved a business support function within a large organisation which was going through a major cost reduction programme across every area of the business from the CEO’s office to the mail room.

An analysis of resource levels and work inputs/outputs was undertaken together with agreeing a service level agreement with […]


A small professional services organisation wanted to expand their services but were struggling how they could do this.

MacLennan Norman worked with them to firstly analayse their existing business resources, how they had secured the client and what their competitors were offering.

Once this was identified it became clearer what differentiated them […]

Business Process Redesign

An organisation that had been the subject of significant change was aware that one of their support service teams was not supporting the operational business as they would like.

After taking time to understand the change the operational business had gone through an exercise was undertaken to look at the process […]

Mergers and Acquisitions

An organisation had acquired a smaller business as part of its operating division. Change was needed to bring about the necessary outcomes required by stakeholders however there was a great deal of resistance from the ‘new’ business.

It was apparent that integration of one of the teams in particular was not […]

Performance Improvement

MacLennan Norman were brought into review why an organisation were under performing in one of their key areas.

Although income levels were reasonable profit margins were well below where they should be. Working with the Finance Director an analysis of the trading income was undertaken.

The analysis proved that not only were […]

Business Planning

Working with a large organisation a business strategy was designed with the intended outcome of reducing existing resource levels but still being able to achieve the projected outturns.

This involved designing new processes and procedures and a limited out sourcing of services.

A programme of all projects was designed that allowed the […]


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