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Without a strategy, a business’s focus and direction waivers very rapidly.

We spend time understanding and educating ourselves on what matters to your organisation. This intelligence will aid our approach to helping devise a growth strategy or turnaround programme that will fit with your core objectives,

To ensure the mechanics of a business run as smoothly as possible, its processes and procedures require to be slick and efficient.

The steps that you and team take to deliver results will either significantly improve or reduce: efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction. Without an agile approach, a business risks significantly devaluing its worth.

We consider all aspects of our business to identify a set of evidence based improvements.

Business Planning

Without a plan a business will lose focus, drift and potentially fail to achieve its strategic objectives.

Its also important that the plan is measurable both in terms of outputs and timing.

Helping organisations prepare, manage and monitor plans is something we undertake and enjoy seeing them come to life.

Performance Improvement

Continuous improvement is part of good business practice. However there are times when an individual or teams within an organisation is struggling to meet its expected levels of performance. This can be due to a variety of reasons but its imperative these are addressed to prevent deeper performance problems.

Mergers and Acquisitions

No matter how small or large a merger bringing together different processes and cultures brings with it a risk that the anticipated outcomes won’t be achieved. This might be within the expected timescales, cost parameters or even at all.

Its important that this risk is acknowledged from the outset and a Change Programme is introduced that allows people to come together and understand how this change will impact them.

This may include organisational restructuring or reorganisation which needs to be carried out as swiftly and professionally as possible to ensure people involved are dealt with fairly and that business is not negatively impacted by prolonged uncertainty.

Business Process Redesign

When something is simply not working or no longer suitable for purpose how things are done can considerably improve outputs and efficiencies.

Working with organisations to assess, design and refine is essential as part of ongoing strategic improvement.


When growth is anticipated or has already happened the change it brings needs to be planned for.

Growth will impact people, processes and often cultures. If this isn’t managed growth can catch organisations out and they don’t respond and benefit from the opportunities growth can bring.

Cost Reduction

There comes a point in time when all organisations need to reduce overhead. It is important that these necessary reductions are achieved but implemented in a way that they are sustainable.


At this point its imperative that the actions are linked to a revised business strategy and action plans across all areas of the business including people, process and customer.

A business often needs to be guided through this process by an external adviser who will work with the senior management team to design and develop implementation plans and actions that will help them turnaround a failing business or organisation.


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible