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The experience a customer has overwhelmingly influences whether they will use the product or service again and also how they influence their business or social network.

Creating a positive experience is what the best organisations are constantly striving for. Working with a variety of businesses to improve customer satisfaction and reduce staff turnover we ensure the experiences are as positive as they can be for staff and customers alike.

No matter how good a product or service you have customers will need to engage with you. If their experience is a poor one that impacts on reputation.

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling

We work with teams to identify how the customer experience can be improved. Using tailored dispute avoidance techniques we help get the right results and relationships with customers. It’s also important that staff see that customer engagement, including complaints does not need to be a negative experience.

Complaints Handling

We deliver workshops for staff to engage and understand how best to promptly resolve issues.

Our focus on offering individuals and teams a range of techniques to apply including communication, active listening and the power of an apology.

Customer Loyalty

Being business owners ourselves we recognise that managing relationships with customers and suppliers is a key aspect of any business.

Ensuring that clear, consistent communication strategies and processes are being applied will support the relationships being built with external stakeholders.


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible