Improving Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling

We hosted a series of workshops for different cohorts for a business that had experienced exponential growth over a short period. Customer complaints had increased but staff were also becoming stressed at the volume of complaints they were dealing with and struggling how to respond to clients.

We took time to understand the organisation, its culture and the type of complaints they were experiencing. We also spent time with staff across a range of different levels, all of which helped us to develop active and relevant workshops. We also recognised that although all the workshops needed to have a common and consistent theme they needed to be adjusted to align with the different teams.

As we do with our workshops we make them interactive, with scenarios and role playing designed to demonstrate correct behaviours, at the same time providing staff with an internal toolbox to best handle customer complaints and develop personal resilience.


  • The teams consistently enjoyed and benefitted from the workshops.
  • The process allowed the directors to see how they could improve customer satisfaction.
  • Staff stress levels reduced.
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