Job Searching

When unexpected change such as job loss and Redundancy happens, it is traumatic and can be an overwhelming experience, so having the right support is important, both practically and emotionally. At MacLennan Norman we offer skilled, supportive and cost-effective help. We value our clients and treat everyone as individuals.

People returning to the workplace or those looking for their first role often struggle to first identify and then communicate their unique strengths and skills so working with us makes that much easier and a better experience.

We are experienced in Career Coaching and can help you tackle all aspects of securing that next role, from helping you craft your CV to Coaching you through the interview process.

We also use Clifton Strengths Finder as a tool to identify a person’s unique strengths and certainly people find a very enjoyable and reveals a lot about how they can put these strengths to best use.

CV and Cover Letter

Your CV and Cover Letter is your first opportunity in the job application process and amidst a large volume of competing applications yours needs to stand out from the crowd. Creating a CV for the role and presenting yourself as a great candidate can be difficult to do alone.

It’s important your CV and Cover Letter reflect both the role you are applying for and the organisation who are hiring. Communicating your skills, competencies and experience needs to be done in a way that shines a light on you, your unique strengths and achievements – it’s not unusual to struggle identifying your achievements but we take you through a process that does this in an enjoyable way.

Interview Preparation

Well done you are through to the next stage, you have secured an interview. Many people find the interview process very difficult, especially when it’s so important to secure a new job. We offer mock interviews and tips and techniques to help people manage their emotions, making the process a much less daunting prospect and helping you be at your best on the day.

Executive Outplacement Support

We also offer employers with outplacement support for executives affected by redundancy, to aid them in securing new jobs. Importantly we provide the emotional and practical Coaching support to help people navigate this difficult time and transition through it in a structured and focused way. This empowers people rather than leaving them demoralised and demotivated.


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible