Dispute Resolution

Every organisation experiences conflict and it manifests itself in many shapes and forms. From conflict in the board room to individuals these situations can grow with people’s positions becoming so entrenched the tensions impact a much wider group.

We specialise in helping organisations avoid, manage and where necessary mediate conflict. This in turn prevents further financial loss, reconnect relationships and coach businesses to recognise areas of potential conflict.

Commercial Mediation

With the knowledge that comes from our commercial experience we are equipped to handle a wide range of subject matters including transport, property and contractual disputes, partnership breakdowns etc.,

We have found that our experience has given clients and their advisors confidence to select us when they have been considering a mediator.

Workplace Mediation

As trained mediators and coaches our skills come into their own when we are dealing with workplace conflict. Using this expertise, the aim is to restore and maintain the relationship wherever possible.

As the neutral party we would usually do this through a series of facilitated joint and one to one sessions with the parties involved – the goal being to reach settlement within a day.

Conflict Management

We run very successful and popular customer training courses that focus on active learning techniques to increase levels of self-awareness of negative behaviours that contribute to conflict. They also address how to manage conflict when it does arise increasing both the personal resilience of individuals and improved customer satisfaction.


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible