Executive Coaching

Our expertise in coaching individuals has contributed to powerful shifts in thinking and performance improvement. As part of a transformational change process the coaching styles and techniques we have developed are designed to empower people, helping them see how they play a part in achieving both their own and the wider organisational goals.

We coach from a place of always seeing the unique value in people, each other and collectively a group or organisation. When people feel they are valued they will contribute so much more – as the Gallup Organization discovered through their studies “people who do have the opportunity to focus on their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs and more than three times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general”.

Using MacLennan Norman’s three-step frame-work Ignition-Discover-Embed © we work holistically with people to help their understanding of themselves as a person.

The Ignition step starts off the process, part of which is using Clifton StrengthsFinder as the foundation tool, helping increased self-awareness and understanding of a person’s unique strengths. People particularly enjoy this element of the Coaching experience and are inevitably intrigued by how such a seemingly simple exercise helps start the transformation process.

The Discover step is when we talk and listen empathically, helping people understand their personal ‘Elephant in the Room’. Building on the trust and understanding that has emerged through the process we design and agree be-spoke development plans that support people through the change process.

The Embed step is the refining and re-inforcement of the work that has been done in the previous steps, building resilience and supporting the sustainable, transformational change people are looking for.

We work at the pace and depth that is right for people and always coach sensitively, with understanding and respect – valuing each and every person.

We also use coaching to support staff transitioning into more senior roles. Being a Chief Executive, or part of a Senior Management Team can be a lonely place and we enjoy working with leaders helping them deal with challenging situations and to perform at their best.

Redundancy Coaching

When unexpected change such as redundancy happens, it is traumatic, so having the right support is important, both practically and emotionally. Helping people craft and polish their CV’s, prepare for interviews and present themselves at their very best is a service we offer which, when combined with aligned coaching can help people transition into new roles quicker and with less long-term impact.

Board Effectiveness Coaching

We work with Boards as part of their overall Board Development process, to help identify ways in which the Board can improve their strategic focus, improve culture and truly become a high performing board. Through our own experience as Executive and Non-Executive Directors on a range of Boards, including Private, Public and Third Sector we bring additional insight, understanding and perspective of what being a board member actually means and what an effective board feels like.

Working with Boards and Groups and using our three-step process as the foundation piece we look at individual strengths each member brings and how best these strengths can contribute collaboratively to bring out the best in people and the board.

Organisations often undertake Board Effectiveness Coaching as part of the fulfilment of their governance obligations but we go beyond this, making the sessions enjoyable and impactful, all of which support the development of a high performing Board.

Team Coaching

As with the Board Coaching we work with Teams from many differing types of organisations and sectors. Some of these might be going through wholescale change as part of a transformation process and we will tailor our process to complement this, providing a bespoke solution.

Bringing out peoples’ strengths, helping each other to understand them and coaching Groups through change is something we particularly enjoy, as it harnesses our unique strengths, bringing out the best in us too.


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible