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MacLennan Norman are a people centred business, with shared values of integrity, honesty, professionalism and transparency.

As accredited Mediators and Executive Coaches with a diverse and complementary background of professional and life experience that enriches our understanding of client’s difficulties and needs. Our authenticity and empathic skills engender trust with our clients and they know we will go that extra mile
to Consult-Transform-Resolve

Jo and Jayne Maclennan

The Elephant In The Room

People ask us why our MacLennan Norman Brand © ™ is signified by an elephant – in fact more than one elephant ? Well the answer is that as with humans, elephants have different personalities and traits – they are strong, emotionally intelligent, sensitive and loyal – they listen and they are sociable animals who like to be in a group.

At MacLennan Norman our approach is unique, and as our brand ambassador the elephant exemplifies we listen sensitively to our clients to find out what their needs are. We are emotionally intelligent, supportive and use these unique combination of strengths to provide a solution tailored to match these needs.

The term ‘The Elephant in the Room’ is often used when there is an obvious problem or issue but no one wants to talk about it. Working as Facilitators we again help to uncover the ‘Elephant in The Room’ by encouraging groups to talk openly about issues, concerns over change, differences in thought or direction etc.,

In our Dispute Resolution work, as Mediators we specialise in uncovering ‘The Elephant in the Room’ by acknowledging its presence and getting to the heart of the conflict. We listen, we empathise and bring parties together to resolve their differences in a skilled and sensitive manner.

Normally peaceable animals when an elephant charges no one want to be in its way. In Dispute Resolution training sessions, we show individuals and groups how to handle difficult conversations and situations by recognising and managing their own and other people’s feelings and triggers.


Dispute Resolution


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible