Be it a challenging board session, away day or strategic planning event the experience and impartiality of an external facilitator can make the difference between a productive experience or one that doesn’t reach a positive outcome.

Our goal in facilitating large and small groups is to ensure the time is well spent and people take an active part in sessions. We also provide a summary report of workshops and a recommended action plan.

MacLennan Norman combine our mediation and coaching skills when we act as Facilitators. Our experience, insights and well-honed skills encourages those that need encouragement, gently stills those that need to be and defuses any tense situations that might arise.

We help groups improve how they work together, identify and solve problems, make decisions and handle conflict. We get groups to work together more efficiently and create a synergy that generates new ideas and arrive at consensus and agreement.

The aim of sessions facilitated by MacLennan Norman is not only to achieve the objective of the day but to ensure people feel the time they have invested has been a productive and enjoyable experience.


We work as a single team to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice possible