I was introduced to Maclennan Norman through a friend in the corporate world and I will always be grateful for that introduction. I am a Senior Manager at a large organisation and although pretty successful at work, my confidence had taken a real dip and I had no idea where I was heading in my career. I felt stuck. My coach helped me focus my career plan with specific goals and update my CV. It really helped to know that I had someone to talk to, who listened carefully and understood my frustrations without being judgemental. In addition, I felt as though other important areas of my life were not being properly taken care of. The coaching process helped me relook at my priorities and make the necessary adjustments. I am much happier within myself, my confidence has increased and I am more determined than ever to reach my goals (both inside and outside of work). Through Maclennan Norman’s support and coaching I am discovering what I actually want out of life and what is important to me.