Over a course of six to eight sessions two hour sessions we have seen amazing outcomes for people in not only reaching their goals but also enjoying an experience that has increased their self-awareness and positivity.

The coaching experience starts by applying a StrengthsFinder activity which explores the strengths that are unique to the individual rather than focusing on negative traits. This enables people to appreciate the innate value they possess and what they can offer.

When we started coaching Jill she was an executive board director with a large commercial organisation but since the change of Chief Executive and a number of changes in the senior management team it was clear that Jill didn’t fit in with the new regime. She was, in her own words “really struggling to accept she had been sidelined”, her confidence and self-belief was at rock bottom and Jill had retreated into herself. Although she continued to manage her team she was really just going through the motions and this was spilling over into her home life and her family were very concerned to see this once very strong woman feeling so vulnerable.

The coaching sessions started with a two-hour exploratory session when Jill could primarily get to know and trust her coach and her coach could get to know Jill. The last part of the session began to explore the goals Jill wanted to set, all be it at this stage it was hard for Jill to see there was a way out of her current situation and how she was feeling about it. She just didn’t know what to do to get her

Before the second session Jill undertook a Strengths Finder with our associate partner Gavin Cargill at Value the Person. Over the course of Jill’s career, she had undertaken a number of psychometric tests but the difference with Strengths Finder was that it highlighted Jill’s positive traits rather than focusing on the negatives. Gavin also produced Jill’s personal Storybook which reinforced this message.

We used this as the basis to go forward with Jill, looking at how she could use these strong traits as pillars to support her out of her current situation. It wasn’t long before Jill began to regain her previous enthusiasm and a much more positive outlook for her career ahead. Together we identified that Jill had such great experience and expertise but because she had been working so hard for so long for her company she hadn’t been focusing on herself and her many attributes.

Working with her to develop her CV and LinkedIn profile it was at that point Jill had a major shift in her thinking and saw herself through a different lens. Together we encouraged and supported Jill through job applications and the interview process which ultimately led to a new portfolio career of a mix of a consultancy and specialist consultancy work.


  • In regaining her confidence and self-belief Jill was able to negotiate an exit package with her employer that gave her the financial stability whilst transitioning to her new career.
  • The coaching process allowed Jill to understand herself more and use tools and techniques to avoid falling into negative behaviours.
  • She now has a sustainable and fulfilling career plan for the future.

As with all our clients it was a privilege to work with Jill and we still touch base with her as part of our low cost long term ‘keep in touch’ programme which operates once the initial 8 sessions are complete.